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Air on G String | Liebster Jesu | Sweet Chariot (solo) | Bachiana | When the Saints | Go Down, Moses | Nobody Knows | Sweet Chariot (duet) | Amazing Grace | Good News | Necessarily So | Let It Be | In His Hands

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When the Saints | Oh Happy Day | Nobody Knows | Amazing Grace | Sometimes I Feel | In His Hands

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The Sarah Sheppards in London - Concert in St Mary's Church, Stoke Newington -

Concerts in Bologna - Sarah Sheppard Ensemble and Choir

Sunday 15 December 2019 - 6:30pm - Concert of the Sarah Sheppards - Palazzo Isolani - Via Santo Stefano 16 - Bologna

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Participation in the Sarah Sheppard Choir is open to people of all nationalities, belonging to all cultures, to all religions, or to no religion, provided that they can sing in tune and have a sense of rhythm.

If you can also read music and have already had musical experiences, after singing in the Choir for some time may also be allowed to sing in the Ensemble.

Although great part of the Sarah Sheppards music is inspired by a Jewish-Christian cultural context, the Association is not a religious group and does not adhere to any political or philosophical ideology.

In order to join the group (according to the needs of the staff) call number + 39 051 370241 and make an appointment with the Directors to be auditioned.

Then go to the place of the audition, which generally takes place at the Association's Main Office, on the day and at the time agreed.

The audition consists in:

  1. Some vocal exercises, in order to verify the range of the voice, the timbre, the intonation and the sense of rhythm.
  2. Singing one chosen piece. You can bring a music score with the accompaniment for piano or a recorded accompaniment.
  3. A sight-singing test or, if you are not able to read music, a memorization test of some musical phrase.